• What is Learning Experience Design?

    Learning Experience Design (LXD) is taking anything where learning happens and making it into something more engaging, memorable, and ultimately more beneficial.


    Learning happens almost everywhere in a business environment...

    • When a new client or user is onboarded.
    • When a customer ‘uplevels’ their use of your product or service.
    • When expertise is shared from customer support to a customer.

    Learning also happens in-house when...

    • Employees onboarded into your company culture, or job function.
    • When teammates meet to brainstorm, collaborate, or work together.
    • When leaders put together pitches, present them to the company, or field feedback from the team.
  • The role of LXD is to take these touchpoints and make them more effective, more meaningful, and more impacful – for your org and your bottom line. 


    We don't ask 'how can we spur a user to do an action' 


    But 'how to make this a memorable and more beneficial moment’   

    LXD ensures these human experiences are enriching, rewarding, and transformational for the leaner and the business they help run.